Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Mercury-Free Zone Program for Schools

By signing up as a Mercury-Free Zone your school pledges to keep mercury out of your school and the environment by:

  • Inventorying the mercury and mercury-containing devices in your buildings
  • Recycling mercury and mercury-containing devices and clearly labeling contained immobile mercury-containing devices such as mercury switches on electrical equipment
  • Purchasing or otherwise obtaining non-mercury substitutes and giving preference to low-mercury fluorescent light bulbs or LED light bulbs (currently fluorescent light bulbs are not available without mercury)
  • Conducting an education program about mercury for students, faculty, and staff
  • Prohibiting the future purchase or re-introduction of mercury and mercury-containing devices, except for fluorescent bulbs
  • Handling and storing fluorescent light bulbs safely

Program Materials

Staff Contacts

Pollution Prevention and Continuous Improvement Lead
Ben Jarvis
DEQ State Office
Director's Office
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0146

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