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DEQ Water Quality Summary Reports


    1. Cub River Study, Franklin County (October 1980)
    2. Boise River Study, Ada County (October 1980)
    3. Woodrat Mountain Study, Clearwater County (October 1980)
    4. Lawyers Creek Study, Lewis County (October 1980)
    5. Lapwai Creek Study, Lewis and Nez Pierce Counties (October 1980)
    6. Weiser River Study, Adams and Washington Counties
      (October 1980)
    7. Elk Creek Study, Idaho County (October 1980)
    8. Deary Creek Study, Latah County (October 1980)
    9. Upper Potlatch River Study, Latah County (October 1980)
    10. Hells Canyon Study, Idaho and Nez Perce Counties (October 1980)
    11. Jim Ford Creek Study, Clearwater County (October 1980)
    12. Orofino Creek Study, Clearwater County (October 1980)
    13. Palouse River Study, Latah County (October 1980)
    14. Big Canyon Creek Study, Lewis and Nez Perce Counties
      (October 1980)

    15. Jordan Creek Study, Owyhee County (October 1980) (unavailable)
    16. Camas Creek Study, Camas County (October 1980)
    17. Mores Creek Study, Boise County (October 1980) (unavailable)
    18. Little Wood River Study, Gooding, Lincoln, and Blaine Counties (October 1980)
    19. St. Maries River Study, Benewah and Shoshone Counties
      (October 1980)

    20. Lightning Creek Study, Pack River Study, and Sand Creek Study, Bonner County (October 1980)
    21. Santa Creek Study, Benewah County (October 1980)
    22. S.F. Coeur d'Alene River Tributaries, Shoshone County
      (October 1980)

    23. Canyon Creek Study, Shoshone County (October 1980)
    24. Pocatello Storm Drain Study, Bannock County (October 1980)
    25. Williams Lake, Lemhi County (March 1981)
    26. Stream and Lake Nutrient Loading from Burned Logging Slash, Bonner and Kootenai Counties, Idaho 1989-1990 (1990)
    27. In-Stream Sediment and Fish Populations in the Little North Fork Clearwater River, Shoshone and Clearwater Counties, Idaho 1988-1990 (1991)
    28. Diel Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring of the Spokane River, During Extreme Low Flow, Kootenai County, Idaho 1992 (February 1992)
    29. Paradise Creek Use Attainability Assessment, Latah County, Idaho (January 1994)
    30. Literature Pertaining to the Identification and Distribution of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the Western U.S. with Emphasis on Idaho (1991)
    31. 1994 Beneficial Use Reconnaissance Project, Potlatch River Watershed, Latah, Clearwater, and Nez Perce Counties, North Central Idaho (December 1995)
    32. Big and Little Elk Creeks, Idaho County, Idaho 1991-1992
      (April 1996)
    33. 1998 Follow-up Studies to Ground Water Contamination Detections (July 1999)
    34. A Recreational Suction Dredge Mining Water Quality Study on South Fork Clearwater River (January 2003)

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